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Penicillium notatum Sabouraud (Labeled view) Send Print

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Created: Friday, 01 January 2010
Last update: Wednesday, 28 July 2010
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Penicillium notatum Sabouraud (Labeled view)
FIG. 10. Penicillium notatum on Sabouraud agar. Photograph of the top and reverse of Penicillium notatum growing on Sabouraud agar after 7 days’ growth at room temperature. Note the white “apron” of hyphal growth at the edges of the colonies where spores have not yet developed. The colonies adopt a furrowed appearance (see arrows), also seen on the reverse side, which has developed in the older (i.e., larger) colonies. On the image showing the reverse of the dish, observe the change in coloration: the underside of the colonies is white and/or tan. This is characteristic of Penicillium species. (Janelle Hare, Morehead State University, Morehead, KY)